Hello, I'm Matin /muh-TEEN/

My broad research interest lies at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), and educational technology. My current focus is to enhance remote learning by leveraging user context and providing timely AI and peer support.

I received my B.Sc. from the University of British Columbia (UBC) with a Computer Science major and Commerce minor. During my degree at UBC, I was advised by Dongwook Yoon and Sid Fels and affiliated with ViDeX and DFP.

In my spare time, I play fingerstyle guitar, hike national parks, and take sunset photos!

myarmand@ucsd.edu | Google Scholar | Linkedin | Twitter


Exploring Needs and Desing Opportunities for Virtual Reality-based Contour Delineations of Medical Structures

Chen Chen, Matin Yarmand, Varun Singh, Michael V Sherer, James D Murphy, Yang Zhang, Nadir Weibel

EICS 22. Short Paper PDF

AI-Moderated Decision-Making: Capturing and Balancing Anchoring Bias in Sequential Decision Tasks

Jessica Echterhoff, Matin Yarmand, Julian McAuley

CHI 2022. Full Paper PDF

"It Feels Like I am Talking into a Void'': Understanding Interaction Gaps in Synchronous Online Classrooms

Matin Yarmand, Jaemarie Solyst, Scott Klemmer, Nadir Weibel

CHI 2021. Full Paper PDF

Facilitating Remote Design Thinking Workshops in Healthcare: the Case of Contouring in Radiation Oncology

Matin Yarmand, Chen Chen, Danilo Gasques, James D. Murphy, Nadir Weibel

CHI 2021. Case Study PDF

Adjacent Display of Relevant Discussion Helps Resolve Confusion

Matin Yarmand, Srishti Palani, Scott Klemmer

CSCW 2021. Full Paper PDF

ProtoTeams: Supporting Team Dating in Co-Located Settings

Gustavo Umbelino, Matin Yarmand, Samuel Blake, Vivian Ta, Amy Luo, Steven P Dow

CSCW 2020. Full Paper PDF

"Can you believe [1:21]?!'': Content and Time-Based Reference Patterns in Video Comments

Matin Yarmand, Dongwook Yoon, Samuel Dodson, Ido Roll, Sidney Fels

CHI 2019. Full Paper PDF Best of CHI: Honourable Mention Award (Top 4%)


Previewing video content referenced by typed hyperlinks in comments

Sol Sidney Fels, Dongwook Yoon, Matin Yarmand

U.S. Patent (issued 2021). Patent PDF

Auto-completion for content expressed in video data

Sol Sidney Fels, Dongwook Yoon, Matin Yarmand

U.S. Patent (issued 2021). Patent PDF

Authoring comments including typed hyperlinks that reference video content

Sol Sidney Fels, Dongwook Yoon, Matin Yarmand

U.S. Patent (filed 2020). Patent PDF

Contextually-aware control of a user interface displaying a video and related user text

Sol Sidney Fels, Dongwook Yoon, Matin Yarmand

U.S. Patent (filed 2020). Patent PDF

Teaching Apprenticeship

COGS 123 (Social Computing) - Spring 2022

UCSD, Professor Steven Dow

CSE 119/219 (Human-centered Computing for Health) - Spring 2021

UCSD, Professor Nadir Weibel

CPSC 213 (Introduction to Computer Systems) - Spring 2018

UBC, Professor Mike Feeley

Media Coverage

The Ongoing Pandemic Challenge: CSE Faculty Respond - (09/29/2021)

CSE Alumni Magazine

Student Research Aims to Improve Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Classrooms - (07/05/2021)


'It feels like I'm Talking into a Void': How Do We Improve the Virtual Classroom? - (06/10/2021)

UC San Diego News Center, ACM TechNews

Invited Talks

Keynote speaker and Panelist

Artificial Intelligence for Video-based Learning at Scale - Learning@Scale 2020. Workshop Webpage